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5 questions to ask your videographer

So you’ve found your videographer and you’ve got a date in the diary to meet with them, what do you ask?

After just over four years of creating wedding films, here are the five things I’d recommend quizzing your videographer on before you go ahead and book with them.

1) What is your style?

This can cover a whole range of things and its worth checking at least 3 or 4 of their films beforehand as chances are, you’re film will follow a similar style to them.

It’s important to find out how they will be on the day. Will they be far out of the way whilst filming or much closer in? Will they want to borrow you for a short time to get those gorgeous staged sunset shots or do they prefer to film in a more documentary unobtrusive way? 

Some videographers will also ask you to maybe wear small microphones either just on the outside of the grooms suit or just inside their pocket, make sure you know what’s going to happen on the day so you are comfortable with the setup.

It’s important to know what kind of wedding film you’re after and make sure it's something that the filmmaker can provide.


2) How do you choose your music?

For some couples, this is a massive part of their wedding film, for others not so much.  Either way its vitally important that you learn where the music is coming from. 

Most chart music that you may well of had in mind for you film will be protected by the Creative Commons license which makes it incredibly expensive to use in wedding films, so if they have Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars playing on their website it may be worth enquiring to how they got hold of it.

Most videographers, will pay for services which provide you with music which has been specifically designed for wedding films, not only does this mean that you’re song will be pretty unique to your film alone, it also gives a certain timelessness that chart music cannot give. At this point it's worth letting them know what kind of music you’d like, lyrics or just instrumental?  Cheerful and upbeat or slow and dramatic? 

Don’t be afraid to let them know how you want it, it's your wedding film after all!


3) Are you insured?

It may seem obvious but if you have managed to find a videographer who’s price is too good to be true, that may well be the case and their achieving their cheap prices by cutting corners in areas like insurance. 

Make sure they’re fully insured as well as having backups for anything that may go wrong on the day (back up cameras, shadow videographers to call on if they fall ill).  Asking film students at a local university can be a great idea (it's how I got started!), just make sure they’re fully committed and appreciate how important this film is to you.

4) What do I receive?

How long will the final film be? Will I get full length files of all the speeches and the ceremony?

Each videographer has very slight differences, often with multiple different packages to cater for different people.

Keep your eye on the reason why you decided to hire a videographer and make sure that need is still being met with the final package.  Perhaps you want a short 5 minute film to show to all your friends on social media? Or are you hiring your videographer so that you can rewatch the full speeches in years to come?

This is also a great time to find out when you can expect to receive your film, the average time frame tends to be around 30-90 days after the wedding but it's always best to get clarification.


5) How long do you keep the footage?

However much we tell ourselves we won't lose something, inevitably it can happen. Save yourself the stress of owning the only copy of your wedding film in the world on a tiny USB stick and ask the videographer how long they keep hold of footage after delivery, some will keep it for just a short while, some will keep for a lifetime.

Find out how long they hold onto it for and see if you can get it worked into the contract just in case worse comes to worst.

Whilst on the topic of backing up footage, find out what their game plan is in the event that a memory card fails on the day. Do they replace their memory cards regularly?  Have they got plenty of other cameras making sure they’ve always got a backup? 

Don’t let it be your wedding where you don’t have the first dance captured because of a faulty memory card.


With these questions, like anything else in regards to wedding planning, there is an endless list.  Hopefully these questions are a good jumping off point to make sure that you get the right videographer to capture your wedding.

If you liked this post and want to be asking me some of these questions, head on over to my portfolio at


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