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10 reasons why intimate weddings are great!

With the ongoing health crisis, more and more future brides and grooms may be looking towards the possibility of a reduced guest list or having to postpone their weddings for at least a year.

So I've decided to compile a list of reasons why smaller, intimate weddings which have social distancing in place, can be great!

As someone who had a slightly smaller, more intimate wedding myself, as well as spending four years filming weddings ranging from small receptions down at the local pub right up to huge military ceremonies, I’m hopefully going to shed some light on some of the best things about intimate weddings.


1. Flexibility - Don’t let yourself be tied down making sure everyone else is okay, be able to focus on making sure that you and your partner are enjoying yourselves!

2. Guest list - Save yourself the stress of working out how to tell people that they’re not invited when 150 other people are, you’ll find people are a lot more understanding of not making the cut when it really is only close friends and family.

3. Budget - Free up your budget, to spend on making your wedding even more beautiful, or perhaps use the extra cash for an even nicer honeymoon.

4. Time - Instead of spending your day wandering around making sure you have a quick chat with everyone, use this time to have proper meaningful conversations with the people you really care about.

5. Ease the stress - Organising hundreds of people, often from all parts of the world into once place is no mean feat. Keep things simple and save yourself the stress of it all.

6. Destination Wedding - Okay so maybe not a great option during a global pandemic but if you’ve already decided that you’re needing to postpone your date for a year or two, why not go for that dream beach ceremony in the South of Italy? A reduced guest list will help with both the planning and the expense.

7. Livestream - Like so many other industries, wedding suppliers are adapting during this pandemic. More and more videographers are offering live streaming services so that you can have your wedding how you want it and still have all your friends and family enjoy it with you.

8. Speeches - Not a fan of speaking in front of large crowds? Not a problem at a smaller wedding, you're also going to enjoy not having to worry about any microphones or complicated sound systems malfunctioning.

9. Wedding Details - Give yourself the ability to really personalise each guests experience, handwritten menus, individual gifts and notes for each person adds a really nice touch to the day.

10. Accommodation - Flexibility in your accommodation means that you'll be able to put up your guests all in the same venue, effectively turning your wedding day into a wedding weekend.


On saying this, big weddings are also amazing and both come with their benefits, the key is to make sure you put you and your fiancé first and you'll be sure to have an amazing day!

If you've enjoyed this post, feel free to take a look at the rest of my blog as well as my videography portfolio if you want me to film your day however big or small it may be!


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