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How we work


After sorting out your venue, booking your photographer and making sure you’ve remembered everything else on the seemingly never-ending list of planning a wedding, we understand that the last thing you want to be doing is trawling through lots of different wedding film packages from multiple videographers.

 So we’ve made this stage nice and simple for you, one package, no hidden fees, no complications.


Take a look below and see what you think?

The Package - 1150


Who will film?

Two Videographers and three cameras 


What we’ll film?

Everything the morning prep right up until an hour after the first dance!


What you’ll get?

A 5-8 minute cinematic film of the day.

Full length edits of all the speeches and the ceremony.

Delivered on a hand carved wooden USB stick + box.

If you do find yourself wanting something a little bit more or less withe the package please do get in contact and we can always create a bespoke package to fit your individual needs!

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